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What makes Louis Lien a complete success? If you ask creator Marcus Brown, it is first of all the fabric, chosen from the finest cloth and handled with utmost care. Without understanding a material's particular nature, even the most imaginative design would be doomed to fail. Bringing fabric to life (bringing menswear to life), and shaping it with elegance is the secret behind the Louis Lien brand.

Owner and creator Marcus Brown, born and raised in the famed racing capital city of Indianapolis, is known within the region for his uniquely custom made bow ties. Brown, a true Hoosier spared no time to travel an educated path earning both a bachelors and masters degree. Being an established member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Brown continues to excel and achieve in every field.

As conscientious and dedicated as Brown is towards his education, his personal liking to creating men’s custom made neck wear had also taken flight. From carefully selecting his fabrics to precisely choosing the bow tie pattern, Brown has brought the classic bow tie and made it fashionable for the modern era. Tailored for Achievement isn't just a motto, but a lifestyle.