Louis Lien
Tailored for Achievement

Louis Lien is committed to creating a contemporary fashionable neckwear that gives clientele unique individuality and personality. 
Here at Louis Lien our goal is to bring greatness to the evolution of fashion by establishing quality products for valued customers at an affordable price. I started this company from the ground up, in the living room of my home, with just a few bucks in my pocket, books in my face and a passion for exquisite fashion.
Through trial and error, determination, dedication, and exemplary customer service, we've built a solid, reputable company, and a product that is both exceptional in quality and affordable in price.
Our goal at Louis Lien is to have handcrafted Louis Lien bow ties hugging the collars of loyal customers not only across the nation, but throughout the global community.
Check out Louis Lien and become tailored for achievement.